Affiliated with PT. Incona Mandiri Jaya "www.calypso.co.id", LIMMA Bookshop is a privately-owned and independent book distributor established in 1996. In 2013 LIMMA Bookshop changed ownership to PT Eka Global Perkasa. Nevertheless, our team remains committed to customers’ satisfaction in providing them the best possible services that go beyond monetary figures.

We represent many of the major English-language suppliers from the UK and the USA and our portfolio changes from time to time reflecting the market demands and trends. We partner ourselves with some of the most well-established suppliers and distributors globally to make sure our customers are well-covered and provided in their needs.

All these partners create one of the most complete combinations of publications ranging from books for children ages 2 to adults in the higher education level and beyond. As a distributor of educational materials, we serve individuals, educational, and establishments who let us handle their needs so that they can continue focusing on running what they know best: their businesses.

We are here to be your partner, interested only in making sure you succeed in your respective fields. To discuss your institutions' needs, please make your appointment with one of our sales team. We look forward to establishing a mutually-beneficial business relationship with you!