Limma Book Club (LBC) is a program created to encourage the love of reading for students ages Kindergarten to Primary. Not just reading, we also have a wide range of high-quality and safe educational toys, art and crafts, literacy games and many other exciting products. The benefit goes on to schools where they will get in-store credit to be used for future books and resources redemption.

The Key Benefits:
  • We select new and/or popular titles or series for every age group.
  • Our collection of high-quality and safe educational toys are chosen to sharpen young minds.
  • Books are ready stock.
  • Schools will not go unrewarded! You will receive in-store credit.

A very simple 4-step process:
  1. We will provide schools with flyers.
  2. School then hand out the flyers to students.
  3. Collect back the flyers with payment from students.
  4. We will deliver the orders in one week.
Please contact our representatives below to set up a meeting to discuss Limma Book Club.

Joey Calvein Po at or 081-1199-1098

We now offer Limma Book Club (LBC) Online at

Let us know when is the most convenient time for us to stop by or contact you to discuss the Book Club program. We’d be happy to work together with you.

Joey Calvein Po

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